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Originally Posted by zackish View Post
I think this is a mainly saltwater store too if I am not mistaken....?
Never mind...the right side was saltwater and the left was all the freshwater. Supplies are a bit expensive there but the fish are right on price with all the other LFS's. I liked all the fish in this store and thought they were healthy except for the gouramis. I was particularly looking at the gouramis because I plan on buying one of them for my 30 gal once it's cycled. They seemed to have been just sitting on the bottom of the tank not moving much. All the other fish were moving around in the other tanks and seemed healthy like I said so IDK what the deal was.
They also really don't have much of a plant selection but the employees that work there were really knowledgable and seem nice so I may return there for my fish. I haven't stocked my tank yet but I am kind of torn between 2 LFS's right now.
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