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I have a 50 gallon (36x15x20) that I heavily planted about 2 weeks ago. I had initially installed a 96w AHS bright kit, but then thought I should have more light and added an AHS 55w kit as well (this one obviously doesn't span the width of the aquarium).

I have a pressurized CO2 system w/ controller, and I keep my tank at a PH of 6.9. My GH is 10, and my KH is 8. My ammonia and nitrite are both 0, and my nitrates have been kept at about 5ppm. I don't know my phospahate yet, as I am having a heck of a time finding a kit. I guess I'll order one online. Oh, and I use a 100% flourite gravel bed.

Here's whats happening. Almost everything is growing really fast, w/ LOTS of pearling during the day. About 4 days in, my nitrates were 0, so I brought them back up to about 5ppm. Thats when I started adding Tetras and Otos. The tank never cycled (the plants took in the ammonium right away). In the last 10 days I have dosed 2 capfuls of Flourish, and 2 capfuls of Potatsium, while keeping my nitrates steady.
I figured the fish food would be adding phosphates for nowm til I get a test kit.

My Wisteria is about 3-4" from the surface and is growing sideways now. My Cabomba has almost reached the surface and has brown tips at the ends. The Pennywort is getting brown leaves top as well. My green myrio has red tips now, and my Rotala Magenta, and Red Ludwigia is VERY, VERY red. Even my Hygro Polysperma is turning red on many leaves. Did I mention EVERY node on EVERY stem I planted has white roots extending 3"-5" (many roots are hairy and very developed).

I also have a hair algae problem (if your 2 feet away, you dont see it, but if get right up to tank, then you can totally see it). This might be because my iron was dosed to .5ppm per a Red Sea leaflet. Later I read that iron should be at about .1ppm. I have been able to bring it down to .1ppm-.2ppm.

Does it sound like I might have too much light? I can run the lights on different timers or just run the 96w by itself. I would appreciate any opinions.

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