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Originally Posted by koala View Post
Ah, okay. Thanks for the info. I figured my lighting would be pretty weak.

Anyways, in t5 lighting... is there any way to get a t5 set up without spending 200-400 dollars on equiptment? I've seen people use what pretty much appear to be lamps. Is that more inexpensive?

ZooMed makes a 2x39w t5ho as well, its 80 dollars on petco's website. Don't know if thatd be better than the one on [Ebay Link Removed] said ebay link because i found out that posting ebay links isnt allowed ^^ sorry about that!)
after this I'm not sure what answer you want.. Using 2 of those would "only" be 160-ish though also in the range of a fair LED fixture. Even one way more than doubles your current setup..

As to the "better" question: Weak point is usually the ballasts.. which is probably similar in all those fixtures (if not from the same factory..)
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