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ADA 60P---Failure....Low Tech again.

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Since everyone with ADA tanks gets to do a long thread, showing all their things getting shipped in, I feel like I get to do the same.

I got a 60P for my wedding present from a good friend/member on the board. I will keep him nameless, unless he wants to tell, because I don't want people thinking he is just throwing out ADA tanks to people he knows.

I knew about this in advance and started my plans. First, I was going to tear down my 20L and replace the tank with this. Would not have been a bad idea but I want to finish that tank which will be a bit, plus start something new.

That said, I got this on Saturday and thought it looked very good were set it down:

I got this 30 inch PC fixture awhile ago for $20 new. I used it on a low tech 20 long (raised) and it worked OK. A bit too much light but algae was minor. I am starting without co2, but dosing Excel so we will see what happens. CO2 is in the future.

I knew the light wouldn't fit but had some other cool stuff. I am not sure if I am going to put the inline heater on this tank or my 20 long.

I am trying to use existing furnature that is proving to be a pain. My Ecco 2234 didn't fit so I had to shave off the top.

Back to the light. Got out my little miter box and went to work



I cut 6 inches off, repositioned the light holders, made some wiring shorter and all that. Hard work but only took about 45 min

Did the plumbing. I started with both the intake and outlet on the same side. The intake looked really bad with the tubing extending over the tank. I moved it to the other side, looks better, but not great. I need to decide if I want to sacrifice the shelf above. I kind of like how I got everything to fit in a small space so not sure what I will do. I need 90 degree elbows

Lastly, filled the tank. It was easy as I had a 1 gallon pitcher so it only took 17 trips to the sink and back. Pretty cloudy.

Obviously, at this point, it isn't a planted tank. My goal is to do as close as I can to a true dutch scape on my first attempt at a 60P. Though it is way small than a dutch tank should be, I do feel it has good dimensions for the style.

I am starting without CO2. My reasoning for that is my first planted tank, many years ago, went so well. I went from very low tech to fairly high tech over about a year. I want to do similar, starting with better stuff and move faster.

Now to the "specs" (revised)
Tank: ADA 60P
Light: Aquaticlife T5HO 24wX4
Filter: Eheim 2215 (may switch back to the 2234, not sure)
Pipes: ADA Poppy glass outflow, generic DIY acrylic inflow (for now)
Heater: Hydor 200w inline
CO2: Trustly beverage single stage regulator w/ solenoid and Fabco needle valve. JBJ style bubble counter to Atomic inline diffusers
Substrate: ADA Aqua Soil Amazona (Regular)
Other: Coralife inline 9 watt UV
Stand: Ikea Besta shelving unit w/ door

None, obviously. Will update. Will be a collectoritis tank. I want to add as much as I can.

Live stock:
Not sure. It may be community, it may be single species. For the first time, I am not going to try to go small. I may go with Congo Tetras or some type of Rainbow fish if I can fit. In basic research, seems like my tank is too small. We will see. Last priority.

End Goal:
I really want to do a successful dutch style scape but I don't want a large tank. To me, a dutch style tank is not as simple as having a lot of plants, it's about arrangement, manicuring, and soft-scaping. I don't know that I can achieve that, it's my goal.

My real goal is to impress my wife enough to have her want this in our bedroom. My 6 gallon is in there now and she loves it. I want to hopefully show her I can do better, have her move the nano to her office (or mine) and move this in our master. I think I will like it in my little recording studio but it seems a bit big now that I have done the work. Shoehoring the filter was a pain, CO2 will be a pain, heater may be a pain. Plus, I don't like water over all my vinyl.

Long story, not to much going on. I am off to AFA tomorrow, hopefully. We will see what the wife lets me get. Plants are easy, hoping to got some lily pipes. I want SS ones but they only have the inflow, or did as of last time. I may still buy that and hope to get the outflow online or something. We will have to see.

Thanks for looking,

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