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Time for an update! The tank has just been sitting brewing good bacteria, plants growing, etc.

I was out of town for a week and things got along well without me. Came back to very happy moss on the tree. Decently happy java fern, over all good shape.

Had a debacle getting supplies though: a forum member sent me a ton of plants, snails, etc. The USPS lost the box, then ran over the box, then delivered it empty. *le sigh* I'm working through their insurance process but that meant I was out snails and plants.

So I went to PetSmart and bought plants there. I'm actually impressed with their prepackaged plants. Especially given the cost. Bought a bunch of Dwarf Hair Grass and ended up with way too much. A decent sized Anubis, and a lace leaf java fern (I really like java ferns, love how fast they grow and reproduce.)

Planting the DHG is no fun. I'm afraid the clumps are still too big but my patience, and time in the office was limited, so hopefully they're OK. I have a simple ISTA CO2 system coming from a forum member to try, never done CO2 but seems simple enough.

Sadly, no pics at the moment as Flickr seems to have suffered a panda attack or something.
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