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Originally Posted by Rony11 View Post
Many reasons such as :Newly planted, Used excel in tank, medicated the tank,changed yr ferts, changed ferts dosage, a changed in tap water or used RO, bright light/changed yr lights, etc.. Egeria Densa is sensitive to changeds in an aquarium and it reacts by melting.
I see. Mine's a newly planted tank:
Lights: 2sets of 2x24W
Liquid fert: ADA Brighty K
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
CO2: 2bps
Lights duration: 8hrs in the evening and 3hrs morning

The stem looks really healthy and green though and I could see new shoots coming out from the stem. Therefore, I presume that the slight melting on the leaves are normal, showing a sight to actually get use to the environment?

Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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