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New Fire Red/CRS Tank help

Im new to shrimp keeping and just started a 10g specifically for shrimp. I am hoping to keep Fire Reds / CRS in there. It's been running about a month with ADA Amazonia and has finished cycling and stopped leeching Ammonia already.

I am concerned about the water parameters and how to get them ideal for both species, especially the CRS. Currently it is at:

10g with plants and lots of moss
Water is plain tap water with Prime
Temp 76-78F w/o a heater
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10
ph 6.4
TDS 53
KH 1
GH 2

Should I get something like Seachem Equilibrium to bring the GH and TDS up?
Should I add in a piece of Malaysian driftwood? I am afraid it will lower my ph too much.
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