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Africans and SA compatibility?

Hey all. I just moved a 75 into my room and finished setting it up last night. I was wondering if, with the current stock, I could throw a Jack Dempsey in there. My friend owns the current stock, but is letting me keep the aquarium until he can set his 125 up at his place. He's got a red pike, another pike sp, a banded leporinus (I believe that's what he said), a raphael cat and a synodontis hybrid. The terrain is planted, substrate being a mixture of eco complete, tan and black sand, and black gravel. Lots of DW and rocks. I would absolutely love to have a Jack Dempsey.

I'm 22, and a Biology major. I like fish keeping because I can apply a lot of what I've learned in post-secondary education to my hobby I'll get a nice FTS to replace this crap eventually.
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