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Need help with stocking!

Sup guys,

Really enjoying learning all the valuable information in the forums here, I certainly can admire passionate people, which many of you evidently are.

I come here now seeking advice on what to stock my 4ft 200L tank which I am setting up with. I plan for it to be a fairly well planted tank which will have on one side of the tank a pile of driftwood on a large rock creating many holes and crevices for hiding and on the other side a bare expanse with a flat rock which will have quite a lot of plants.

I have eco-complete substrate btw.

So my plan so far is to have:

-Bristlenose X2
-Cory Cats X6
-RCS X whatever population they can maintain
-Maybe Bolivian Rams X2
-Yet to be decided

I really want to have a couple bristlenose catfish or one to start off with as later I would like to breed them, same story with the cory cats I want to breed them later. I want fish that aren't crazy at breeding like guppies but ones that can breed later on down the track at a steady rate if I provide adequate arrangements for their breeding in the community tank whereby I would move the mother or father into a separate tank with the eggs/fry for them to mature and then sell them off. I would prefer them to not be ridiculously expensive as well.

So any ideas or adjustments to the stock for this tank. But I would like to build around the cory cats, some type of dwarf cichlid and bristlenoses. The shrimp can be picked off a bit, I know they breed like crazy so I don't mind the odd few becoming a snack, besides they are the bottom of the food chain that's why they breed so much.

Cheers guys, I know I can count of you for the appropriate answers!
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