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Originally Posted by Jimbo205 View Post
Are any of the fish stores in New York City - Select Dealers for Seachem?

I would kill for that in Upstate NY in the Albany area.

Here, if it is not salt water fish at $50.00 a fish, well, good luck.

I second that part about getting information online.
I may purchase my fish locally, bull[censored][censored][censored][censored] with the nice staff in the store, etc.
But if I want to learn from someone that knows their crap with this hobby, I'll go online.

I barely know my stuff (compared to friends online) after so many years, but compared to the staff in the stores locally - I am the expert. Go figure.

But on the other hand, how much do you think the staff are being paid to work in a fish store. Really.
Hey, you probably figured out about buying Seachem product online. Bigals and thatfishplace are both good and cheap Seachem sources.


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