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sound, SeaVision's web published prices are MSRP
when you go into the store you get the bargains.
For example, a 4x2x2' 125gal is MSRP for $775.
They quoted me $410 in the store
and I'm not even Asian...

also, you can't judge a store by it's starter tank prices.
petlanddiscounts loss leads with cheap starter tanks
because they figure you'll end up buying a few hundred
dollars of their other overpriced crap with any new tank.
I once walk in there to only buy a 10gal tank to isolate
a sick fish, and the manager almost had a heart attack.

I'm glad you had some good experiences with Pacific.
I've gone there three times and never bought a thing
because the item was still not in stock yet -"so sorry"
or any left over fish were too small or sickly to risk it.

I've seen toilet bowls cleaner than their fish tanks.
I'm sure if I got there when they are unpacking a
major fish delivery, I could get some real bargains,
however then you risk having the fish die from
acclimation in your own home tank. I'd rather they
die in the pet store so I don't have to pay for it.

They also like to bait and switch you on rock prices.
when I brought a cheap lace rock up for weighing
and paying, they claimed it was something else that
commanded a much higher price. I just left in disgust.
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