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I picked up 2 of these for $50 on Kijiji last week. My first experience with Fluorite and I didn't rinse it so the water is still cloudy but it'll come with time. I haven't done anything with the second one yet but the plan is also to put Fluorite in it and convert to a shrimp tank with maybe 6ish RCS.



Tank came with the Betta, a neon, and dwarf african frog. It's overstocked but the guy I got them from said he's had them 6 months.... the second one has 3 neons and a DAF. No where else to put the excess fish right now either but I suppose if they've been in there this long they can wait until I figure something out. I don't want them but I don't want to euthanize them but the LFS basically won't take them either. Not sure what I can do!

Filter was on it's highest setting too. I've turned it down which I know is still too high for the fish but at least it'll be a bit of a break!

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