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New Meeting at Preuss Pets!

Two more workshops/meetings... whatever you want to call them.
They will be held in the classroom at Preuss Pets again; if a few people PM me beforehand, we could probably organize some food or drinks, since I'm not doing anything messy this time.

June 21st, 6:30PM- Starting a Planted Aquarium. Basically a talk on everything you need to know/have to get a plant tank started. The boss wanted something for the new customers to try. We'll probably have some discounts on hardscaping materials, gravel, and equipment.

June 22nd, 6:30PM- Fun with Latin Names. I'm a dork and need to know the name of everything I have in the house, but I've noticed a lot of people are turned off or intimidated by them. I'm going to explain how to separate the word parts and am working on a list of meanings for the plants that are common in the hobby. 20% off any two plants you can spell the names of by the end of the meeting. The Kasselman book has etymology for many of the names, so we might offer a discount on that, too.


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