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At the beginning of the first post, I've put an updated picture of the tank. Notice how it has changed since it was new, and of course some new plants have been added too.

One of the most interesting is the ludwigia palustris that I found growing in my backyard, downhill of a sump pump drain.

I got the ID confirmed by someone who knows, and I'm enjoying it in my tank. I had actually been wishing for some ludwigia palustris, and to find it right behind my house was really a wonderful surprise! I never would have thought I'd find it there.

In the foreground is a plant I've really come to love, Hemianthus Micranthemoides. It grows just wonderfully for me; in fact it's one of the best plants I have. It is so pretty and makes a lush carpet too.

I scooped out a lot of the substrate from this tank. Now there is more room for plants, and it looks better too!

The red cherry shrimp should be arriving in a couple of weeks. When they do, the guppies will be moving temporarily into a 10 gallon, until I eventually set up a 29 gallon that we got at a dollar a gallon sale at Pet Supplies Plus. From what I've read, the RCS will do a lot better in their own tank, since of course I hope to have a growing colony.

As you may be able to see, the 20 gallon is now packed with plants, of 18 different varieties. Four varieties more (anacharis, narrowleaf anacharis, hornwort, and duckweed) are currently in another tank.

My 20 Gallon Long Plant Collection:

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