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Originally Posted by Matsnork View Post
That sounds splendid. Looking forward to your report.
So unfortunately I did not have much time at AFA. They had a 90P setup (notice old logo) but not out for sale. I didn't have time to speak to anyone and my pictures came out a bit blurry. It was hard to get a good angle as they had many tanks for sale right infront of the display tanks. Hopefully the pictures at least help. I can verify what I already knew, all there tanks were as close to perfect as it gets.

I wonder if you may try calling AFA and see if they can help you either get a better contact, or maybe they would be nice enough to try to help. I haven't found them to be particularly helpful or hard to deal with myself, they aren't bad but are just so busy. If they have pride in the brand they stand behind, I would think they could do something for you.

Here are the few pictures I got, sorry some are a bit blurry but you can see that their are no noticeable flaws both in how square the tank is and the silicone work. What looks what could be an imperfection on the top right of the tank is just some algae on the front glass.

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