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Originally Posted by Matsnork View Post
Again, thanks for the input.

Ive been told they have not heard back from ADA. And I have sent two emails to no avail. Maybe google translate my email to japanese and try again... :/
I don't know how this works in Europe but can you file a complaint with any government entity? I know it would be complicated as you are in Sweden, the distributor is in Germany, and the company is in Japan.

I look at this like automotive repair parts, it is either a working part or it is not. To me, this is something I would take back as it had "fitment issues". I don't know if that is the best analogy but that is how I feel (I am honestly kind of angry as I do like ADA stuff).

That said, I may go to AFA tomorrow (US distributor). If the owner is there, I will make him aware of this thread (pretty nice guy). Not sure he can do anything but I am just saying.
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