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Originally Posted by Kaduhn1 View Post
I have a piece of driftwood that isn't going to sink. I know the easy easy is to get a landscaping stone and drill a hold and put a screw into the wood. But that would leave the screw head sticking up and possibly hitting the bottom of the tank. Which wouldn't be good. I was thinking of making a little form and using some quikrete that i have and putting some screws into the wood and sinking them into the quikrete. once the quickrete sets it should be permanent. So is quikrete safe? Obviously let it cure or is there another solution?

I would/have used,the screw with flat head.Ouikrete I believe may contain lime and or mortar which could influence water hardness.
Plastic Zip ties can sometimes work to hold rock to wood depending on the size of the wood/rock.
Can alway's just lay a rock on top of the wood till the wood stay's down on it's own.
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