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Thank you everyone!

Everything has been filling in nicely and the shrimp continue to multiply I`m debating pulling out all of the vals, they need constant trimming in a tank this shallow and the runners want to take over the tank. The Hygro grows like wildfire and is quickly becoming one of my favorite plants, it brings a nice splash of colour to a low light tank.

I finally got around to setting up my Satellite+ and i couldnt be happier. Being able to customize the colours is awesome! Personally I like the orange setting with a little extra red added the best, it really helps bring out the non green plants in the tank and I love the "warmth" it brings to my room. The dynamic effects are more fun than i thought they would be and i cannot wait for the timer so i can setup the sunrise/sunset and cloud cover. Very impressed with this light and you cannot beat the price!! Only one problem, why the blue moonlights? Whats with everyone and their blue moonlighting?? Personally i think its a cool effect in itself but it certainly doesnt look light natural moonlight. Oh well

On a side note, I ordered 2 of Current's TrueLumen Lunar LEDs (1200k) for for my 75 gallon and they look amazing! Finally natural looking moonlights!!

Anyways here's the good stuff...

Moss lawn that needs constant mowing lol

Hygro and Pennywort trying to leave!
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