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Jpappy789's 5.5 gallon trimmings/invert tank

So, had every intention of heading over to Petco and picking up a 10 and/or 20g today with their $1/gal sale...until I realized I had no legitimate room.

But there was a perfectly sized void on my desk for a 5.5 gallon. Kinda sucks that I ended up paying a bit more for half the volume compared to a 10 but oh well.

Planning on using it for plants trimmings and other extras as you can see theres some Rotala, wisteria, and pennywort. I received some various mosses as well from a TPT member that needs some TLC.

Long term inhabitants will likely be some shrimp. Probably some RCS just because of ease and cost, but we'll see. Thinking of either using a sponge filter or an Azoo since it will be low bioload. This tank is going to take some time since my 20 long is priority and still have an empty 15 gallon to figure out what to do with. But thought I would post it here so I can see how it progresses...because it looks pretty cruddy right now

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