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Ugh, why didn't I see this post yesterday during double bonus points days? I was searching for a review on whether to replace my XP3 with an Eheim 2026.

I have an XP3 that I had on another tank and is in storage and I was debating on whether to get a new Eheim. I filled and plugged in the XP3 and it still worked and I have other things on my wish list so I ended up not ordering the Eheim (but you guys are making me wonder...)

Spypet, did you check the gasket on the lid? check for anyplace that may not be completely sealed. Yes, remembering when it was in commision that clogging can be an issue, but get a good sponge pre-filter on it and it'll be a lot easier to maintain. Never had an issue of losing water from the hoses, even if I wanted it to empty for storage! Had to connect it to the top while it was off the filter to finally get the hoses to drain!

I've had my XP3 run in less than ideal conditions (like not enough head space to the top of the aquarium) and it did fine. Again I have to agree with it needing to be cleaned more often though (but that means it's doing its job right?) Very easy to clean and put back into operation. I was intimidated about cleaning my Fluval FX5 and didn't clean it for a few months, always remembered to clean the XP3 because it had to be cleaned!

OK, still got in the last few hours of double bonus days and ordered the Eheim 2026 . We'll see if it is all that you guys say. Of course it being so quiet may not mean much if I run a sponge filter too?

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