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So to make this tank journal useful for others. I'm going to expand the information listed here, this is for future reference for anyone who cares.

Eheim 9G Aquastyle. I found mine at Amazon with free shipping. Watch the shipping on these things as some places charge a lot.
Eco Complete Planted Substrate (20 lb bag, I used the entire bag). Amazon carries this and it shipped free with prime shipping. That's huge, shipping on substrate can be insane. There is no need to rinse this substrate according to my research. Water will cloud for a bit but will clear in a couple hours.
Eheim 50watt heater

Driftwood and rocks from my local fish store (LFS).

Tomorrow is my day off, but I'm going to take the moss in, water conditioners, etc. Will straighten and finalize the layout, plant/affix/etc. Then will flood the tank and let it clear out and let the filter run over the weekend. Will start being intentional about the cycle come next week.

I'm in no hurry, plan to let this grow as an aquatic garden until I am happy with the plants and scape before adding any shrimp. So I figure shrimp around Christmas maybe, we'll see.
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