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Java fern as a given, so easy to grow and I have a handful of babies in my Fluval 5G.

As for other plants, I'm really open, I've got 3 little tubs with three different varieties of moss from a member here sitting waiting to be tied to the drift wood. I'll do that tomorrow and flood the tank. Assuming the moss won't mind some cloudy water for a while.

The thing I'm stumped on right now is a good low light foreground plant to really take over the bulk of the tank and give the shrimp a place to play. I've been reading tank journals but often folks talk plant abbreviations, which I don't understand yet! :P So I'm still not clear on the best options. Suggest away.

Without rocks it looks really spare and unbalanced to my eye. I realize that's preference, but without the rocks it looks "not done" in terms of hard scape. So I went back to the fish store and looked at their larger rocks. Larger rocks they've got a good set of, and I think this tank fooled me size wise. So picked a few up to try and this is what it currently looks like... I think I like this...

Public view

Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

My view

Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

Just feels more finished, and gives me places to cluster plants around. I'm liking this one much, much better. The scale of the rocks and wood are just so much better. (OK, some of those rocks need to be straightened, badly! Will do that before I flood the thing.)
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