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9 Gallon Eheim Office Shrimp Tank (Shrimp Question added!) 10/8/2013

My 9G Eheim Aquastyle, and Eco Complete soil arrived, so it is time to scape! This is an office aquarium and poses a unique challenge. It needs to look good from two different angles. Right now I'd really appreciate 'scaping suggestions. Plan on planting this tank heavily and eventually adding shrimp.

First angle which is visible to office visitors, those at my meeting table, folks I'm counseling:

Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

And the view from my desk:

Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

I've got some more rock coming in slightly larger piece if needed to fill in some elevation changes. And have a bunch of plants and moss coming. The driftwood will be mossed. I've got crypts, and java fern coming.

I'd also like to find some sort of carpet plant that will do well with the stock Eheim light and no C02 (I will dose with ferts). Given my office environment low tech is the requirement here.

Cheif concern right now: from my desk view (second pic) what is the hill in the back right of the first picture is just a bit dark mound. Was going to cap it with crypts and maybe something else tall. But that'll block a great deal of my view. So maybe that scape needs to change entirely?

Suggestions, how to make a tank work from more than one angle?

Adore the driftwood, love it, so that at least makes things easier. Maybe I should raise it and the whole filter side up higher and have say two rock ringed plateaus coming down? So from the front view the whole thing graded down from left to right. And from my view I would be looking up the hill to the driftwood? Only issue is that leaves nothing to support the driftwood under its downhill slope and it does need something, it is a little top heavy. Hmm. Experts??

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