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the lights.This is what I read to do! At night I thought the plants use O2 and repspire CO2 so they dont need any.Besides no photosynthesis is going on either.So yes, my solenoid is shutting off the gas for the nite.I dont have and never had ammonia or nitrate in the tank.I have a core of fish that seem fine no matter what other fish loss I had.Those are some rummy nose and pristella tetras and the ottos and cory cat.I lost all my rasbora but i think that was largely due when I had too much CO2 (Ph-6.0 and kh of 4 =over 100ppm CO2).Ive since adjusted it down to 10ppm .The plants are fine .Friday I replaced 2 more rummynose in which one died the next day and I added 5 more cardinal tetras which were eating that evening .2 died the next day and 3 died the following day.Yet the other 5 rummynose and 3 pristellas are fine.Maybe I should try another LFS.

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