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Thank you, Kcoscia. Yes, I agree that it looks deep, especially in the second picture. Actually last week I scooped out some of the substrate in the front, and it looks much better now.

However, it was a messy job, which I divided into two days, doing a water change after each scooping session. A lot of dirt was kicked up, which for days kept settling on the plants, and had to be gravel vacuumed out once it settled. I also had to pull up and replant the hydrocotyle Japan and all of that hemianthus micranthemoides (quite a job)! Moving the crypt Petchii revealed a taproot that was probably ten inches long or so. Of course it had to be cut back. But the crypt was not fazed at all, it seems. No melting occurred from the move. So it was a project. But I really like the look of my tank better now! Thank you to all who gave constructive feedback; that's how we learn!

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