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FINALLY got my car packed up!

I'm bringing:

2 drilled 20 Ls
1 10 gallon with (ugly) homemade stand
1 24" Coralife CP fixture, silver
9 box filters (7 medium, 2 large)
Donated bags of Soilmaster Charcoal and Red
LOTS of pellia (3 bags?)
Crypticorne retrosprilis
Anubias nana petite mother plant (~30 leaves)
Peacock/spikey moss
java moss
java fern babies!
Brazilian pennywort
Anubias coffeafolia
Anubias latifolia (sp?)
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Manzanita pieces
And a MONSTER MOPANI driftwood centerpiece.

Most likely other stuff I forgot...

Some of this will be donated for the silent auction, which will have rare plants and a fully ready to go 10 gallon planted tank setup. There will also be a live food culture kit which will include pretty much EVERY type of live food out there (grindles, micros, daphnia, vinegar eels, blackworms, redworms, brine, etc.). I'll be bidding on that

I hope everyone can make it! If you can't show up at 10 am, still come in the afternoon - we'll be doing buyer and seller registration all day long and towards the end of the day is when the prices tend to drop!

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