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I am thrilled to say that the combination of Algaefix & Excel is showing signs of some dead & dieing greed beard / fuzz algae !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually used Tetra's Algae Control which as the same as API's Algaefix & used a 2.5-2.6% soln of glutaraldehyde as opposed to SeaChem's Excel however the glut was equivalent in concentration. I used the equivalent of Excel's initial dose and Algaefix's recommended dose of 1mL / 12gal.

I cleaned the tank & did my water change as typical then I added the Algaefix dose followed by the Excel. I did however do a couple spot treatments here & with with Algaefix prior to refilling the tank during water change. Those areas are showing similar results. I'll continue to monitor and any areas that survive this treatment I'll try spot treatments with Algaefix and then a full tank Algaefix w/o Excel is see if that's a variable that matters.

In the pics you can see the velvety carpeting fuzz on the anubias and the amazon swords. If you look close you can see it turning gray & in some areas it's turing brown and is very easy to remove now with my fingers. This green beard / fuzz algae when healthy is very vibrant green and cannot easily be removed from the leaves without causing harm to the leaves. You can pull a few fibers of the algae off with your fingers but using a scrub pad or even a Magic Eraser yeilds no algae removal. Now that it's dieing it's coming off nicely !

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