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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by Betowess View Post
Nice summary. Maybe a little low on price on water pump method.
The AS 606 is $16.49 before shipping from BigAls and a digital timer around $10.00 though I suppose one might find a better deal. Add in some hose and a flow control and your looking closer to $30 plus, IME. I spent ~ $13 each (shipping included) for a great flow control pincher from US Plastics, though I could have bought a much cheaper unit. That said, its all worth every penny since one's time should be considered valuble.
You could be correct, I used to buy them for about $12, but they have probably gone up since. Like Naja mentioned, you can buy any cheap Rio or such. Digital timers, last time I checked they sold them in Target for $8, maybe it was a sale... I never saw the need for industrial flow regulation, I just used one of those drip irrigation connectors, closed one side off with a heated knife, then punctured it with a needle until the right size hole is achieved. Or use mini air tubing connectors. In any case, you can probably find something in your spare parts box.
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