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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by Naja002 View Post
Good Job, Wasserpest! I see You've realized the short lifespan/value of the plastic syringes. I learned that with reptiles yrs ago, but always thought it was probably the soaking in alcohol that degraded them.
Thanks Naja The alcohol will probably do them in that much quicker. The problem I came across is that the plastic plungers start to warp and finally give in. Oh well, what do you expect for $0.30...

Originally Posted by Naja002 View Post
Did You ever get #2 (Test Tube) sorted out or are You still working on it?
Yes, that is working for several months now, and by far the most trouble-free system you can imagine. I have 3 test tubes (NPK) sitting in my AC Mini, I can even see the fertilizer level from outside through the translucent filter housing. I am now so confident with the dosing that I just fill up the tubes, the hole size in the stopper determines how fast they dissolve.

Originally Posted by Naja002 View Post
I just bought 2 peristaltic pumps--which I think I will really like, but they are cost prohibitive for MTS!
Lol, I just received two of their peristaltic pumps. It would be nice if someone would figure out how to DIY them using a mech timer. Maybe one of my next projects. All you really need is a round housing and some sort of roller thingy that fits inside there.
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