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Filterless Riparium Style Mini Bowl---The Return

Welcome to my Filterless Riparium Style Mini Bowl.

I actually had this all setup nicely about 3-4 years ago, before all the cool kids started doing it. I had this AreoGarden thing that needed to be on for like 18 hours a day and it started to bug me (but worked really well). I then found a cable that allowed me to just use the light on a timer, found this little bowl thing and took a piece of driftwood and threw it in. I then took clippings, made something cool, and never took one picture. I even had some shrimp in it.

I got bored of it and just left it outside for a few years, watering it with my other plants. It used to have crazy emmersed growth but that died every winter. I started to use terrestrial moss instead of aquatic. I still have some DHG growing on it but that is about it.

My purpose of this "tank"....I saw OVT's vase a few weeks ago when he made me take a break from my wedding planning. After some long conversation, a giant dog and a few too many beers, he finally reveal his gem of low tech. I later found a thread on it, felt left out, and now am doing my own. I feel it is my obligation to at least try to compete with him, if not out do him, we will see.

My other reasoning is that I have a small recording studio, purposely dimly lit and need some life in here. I am thinking about doing something that is real sized but this will do for now. I need to paint, finish up my acoustics and other studio stuff before I commit to a bigger tank.

My hope is that the tank is pretty set and forget. It's a place for my clippings, some extra life to inspire music and that is about it. I also plan to ditch the lighting and try LED's for the first time.

20 oz Bowl (more or less)
AreoGarden 24 watt PC light (will go at some point)
Random clippings from plants

Here is how the startup went:

Cleaned bowl...Harder than I would have thought as it has been outside for 3-4 years. Dig out light/stand from garage, not so hard since I spent many hours cleaning a few weeks ago:

Place driftwood...Simple enough, stick it in bowl:

Add Petco Sand. The stuff looks cool but likes to float. Hard to plant in. I may swap out later if it becomes problematic.

Added some clippings for tank. Didn't feel like planting, just added sand to bury them. It's a bit too deep but it's fine for now.:


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