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Originally Posted by Jack Gilvey View Post
Got my 2Qt. box nice and quick. Thanks! My first application for them will be a few in the top chamber of my Finnex PX-360 canister. Since they're relatively large in relation to the basket, is it recommended to cut a couple in half to fill the inevitable gaps? Looks like this is what was done for the Fluval 205 in Cermedia's test linked in the first post.
Yup. Just cut them in half if you want better coverage. They're very easy to cut, but they will make your blade dull QUICK. Use a hacksaw or something similar with small teeth and be careful

Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
Cool. I just got mine as well. I plan on running two eheims on my 75 gallon. One eheim will only be filled with this biomedia along with some foam I ordered from him. The second eheim will run the way it came from the factory. For now my filtering needs should be covered.
That should definitely do you

If you're looking for some good carbon, try Vertex Rox 0.8 I just started using it and it's pretty serious stuff as far as carbon goes.
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