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I don't intentionally raise daphnia, they are just in my greenwater.
I don't intentionally raise greenwater, it's just how my water barrel on my deck ended up.

microworms?? not sure, the cooler temps the past week may be impacting them. and then it depends how much medium and surface area.
-I'm using a chinese food takeout container. transparent, cylindrical, type. 1/4-1/2" medium. hole in the top lid plugged with filter floss. if you have a much bigger surface area it may take a while for the population to get to the point they crawl up the sides? IDK

I don't think they crawl up the side unless the ambient air humidity is pretty high as well. Temp would also factor in to this. I'm thinking too dry is more of a hindrance than too wet. I'd add a few tablespoons of water and see how it does in 24 hrs.

I'm using Orijen cat food because it was the most expensive one I could find in a little bag. which still makes it about 4 times cheaper than a premium brand fish food. And it has a crazy list of good-sounding ingredients.

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