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Originally Posted by dprais1 View Post
Well, you know I'm in.

I culture white worms, micro worms, green water and daphnia(because it likes my greenwater).

To get the discussion going I use a mix for my worm cultures.
-50% expensive dry cat food
-25% spirulina wafers
-25% asst fish food

everything goes in the coffee grinder.
I feed this to my white worms and since adding the cat food the productivity has gone crazy.
I mix this in my micro worm medium (mashed potatoes) and sprinkle a little on top of the microworms every couple days
I was counting on you. I am making your container of grindals this weekend. I didn't know your doing daphnia also?

Now I got my badis I'm all in on cultures

Few things, my new micros haven't really exploded as well as I wanted. Maybe my container is just much bigger then the one you gave me. Maybe it's too loose with too much medium. It was drier when I first filled it. I did use yeast again, maybe not a good type.

Any thoughts?

I'll add your name when I'm off my phone but your number 3

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