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So I'm new to the live food thing but growing my own is easier then having to go and buy feeder guppies every week.

I just received my grindal worm culture in the mail. I found them under the live food section on aquabid. I'm pretty happy with the amount of worms this came with and had enough to break it in half for 2 different smaller Tupperware containers. I'm not aware of the shipped media they came in if it was just some potting mix or actual coconut coir? I guess I'll find out when I go and buy more.

One container, not intentionally, received quite a bit more worms then the other. With the more robust culture I plan on using for feeding now. The second smaller container I plan to feed heavy and grow it. That smaller culture then I'm planning on breaking up into four new cultures once it gains speed. I plan on trying some different media in each of those new ones. Sponges, coconut coir, potting mix. My understanding is the cleaner the media the less yield on worms but the dirtier the media the bigger chance for infestation. Trade off I guess.

I'm not to keen on feeding organic cat food to my cultures. I've started with algae wafers and shrimp pellets so far and also have some organic dog food in the house but haven't tried that yet. Both cultures took down an entire algae disk and two shrimp pellets over night!

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For these grindal worms, any recommendations on media and foods?

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