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I think I positively IDed the algae as hair algae. Atleast it sure looks like the hair algae on this page: The shrimp have made short work of it though ~ it's almost gone completely! LOVE those shrimp!

Speaking of shrimp, this morning I saw four females with saddles rooting around in the front of the tank. Lord knows how many more saddled ones there are in there. Can't wait for babies.

Plants are growing. That's pretty cool! I still don't have any CO2 or extra light besides sunlight. Don't even dose anything either. My lightbulbs should be in the mail soon, so I should have more light on the tank soon. I've ordered ferts from Rex, too, so will be using those soon. Then I'll do the DIY CO2 as well.

I need to get off my butt and paint my aquarium shelves so I can set up more tanks. My two eldest step-sons built a REALLY nice setup for me ~ a set of shelves custom-sized for ten gallon aquariums, one on either side of the big windows in the living room, and a long shelf all the way across the top. There's room for six ten gallon tanks and equipment below. Handy! I just need to paint them and then fill them up. I need to get on that.

~ Linda ~

How many watts do I need to make my swimming pool a high light tank?
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