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Originally Posted by boink View Post
do you have a link for the connections you used and what ID tubing you used with the peristaltic?

I haven't taken any pics yet as it's been in service for four days. Basically I've got an input manifold like Sergio's with three 1/4" JG tee fittings combined to give me a four to one manifold. Each has a JG 1/4" check valve. This is plumbed to the intake side of the filter apparatus. I'm using two APT Instruments SP100 / DC 12 volt / 10rpm / 3mm / Norprene tubing. linky. Tygon R3603 tubing everywhere. I've used the 1/8" tubing in most places with a short 1/4" section to adapt to the JG fitting via a JG 1/4" to 1/4" barb adapter. 1/8" Tygon from peristaltic to 1/8" to 1/4" adapter to short 1/4" tube to 1/4" JG barb to stem adapter to 1/4" JG check valve.

I decided on DC because it is flow adjustable (use a different voltage transformer) and because it was low voltage. Water hitting it's open case will not cause an electrical hazard. I should probably house it or have gotten the encased version, but that would have been more expensive and real estate under the tank is getting short with all these gizmos. My journal has some pics of the setup, excluding the auto fert system at the time of those photos ... linky
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