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Just a quick update. What plants i have in the tank are showing growth. The amazon swords that melted are putting out new leaves. Crypts are getting bigger.
Seems I have an outbreak of diatoms starting so this weekend will be wipe and water change. I also have got some trimming and replanting to do of the cabomba and myrio.
Still haven't found any rocks I like, but the search continues.
I do have a question for the shrimp keepers. With STS my waters Kh has more than likely dropped to next to nil and the Ph is at or near 6.4, Gh has remained fairly constant in the moderately hard range, would this work for ghost shrimp? I ask because I would like to get something in the tank to help with cleanup. There are a few pond snails in the tank that seem to be healthy and happy.
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125g makeover ,2x75g, 55g, 40g breeder, 29g, 2x10g, 100g stock pond..........MTS ? Nahhhhhh Just acquired a 150g tall and a 30g long
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