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Originally Posted by dipan View Post
Sergio, are the cone shaped flasks vented? I see glass stopcocks on the top of them. That could be a problem if not vented with a resulting vacuum and decreased dosing over time because of a decrease in input pressure to the peristaltic pump, no? I have done a similar (way less cool looking) setup with simple polyethylene bottles (1000mL) and decided to drill a tiny 1/16" hole in the caps for venting and to allow influx of air as the volume of solution is depleted. I also used some neat barbed dripless quick connects from usplastics. They allow me to disconnect and refill the bottles without a drop spilled. Only a tiny amount of air is introduced into the tubing when reconnecting. That might be a worthy addition, unless you plan to use a separate 1000mL flask for mixup duties, which would also work ...

Way cool setup, though. Love the lab looks. Maybe you could put a glass window on one of the doors of the cabinet, just to show it off? And a blue light in there to fully pimp it out? Hehe ...
do you have a link for the connections you used and what ID tubing you used with the peristaltic?

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