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Now back to the journal!

The tank is an 18" AquaTop Euro Style Bow-Front, obviously. Measures 18" x 10.75" x 10.75" and holds roughly 8.7 gallons.

The goods:
  • I'll either use the Nano Type-P LED I've got or will try to save up to buy an 18" Current Satellite Plus.
  • I know I'm going to do some sort of a dry start, so it could be 4-6 weeks before it's flooded. Maybe dwarf hair grass and red stems? Or maybe a field of Marsilea minuta. Feel free to yell suggestions my way. Whatever I end up doing, it'll need to be simple and suitable for shrimp.
  • Have some great driftwood, leftover black lava rock and easily 100 pounds of other rock to pick through.
  • Torn on filtration. Depending upon the budget I can come up with, I'll likely end up with an AC30. But really want to get another Eheim 2211/2213. Or maybe one of the neat hang-on filters from AquaTop that have a spraybar. Can even be expanded to double the filtration capacity.
  • For substrate, I have all the options. ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, Azoo Plant Grower Bed, UP Aqua Shrimp Sand, Black Diamond, Pool Filter Sand, Safe T Sorb, et al.
  • Depending upon what I can get my hands on, these are the shrimp I'm considering: Tangerine Tigers, Blue Bees, Princess Bees.

Now I just need to cross my fingers that I can sell everything I own to finish the tank - ha!

Thanks for reading along. I'll update with more photos as I add a black background and put together some potential hardscape plans.
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