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Jake's 18" Rimless AquaTop Bow-Front Tank

As I teased in my Triple Cubes journal, I've got a new tank from AquaTop. This will serve as my tank journal but first allow me to share my initial impressions.

Holy wow, this tank. 18" of black silicone awesomeness.

I'm an ADA fanboy but I've loved these high-clarity cubes from AquaTop for a while, as you're already aware. While this fancy new tank isn't high-clarity glass, it's a bow-front and that's something I've never had. Only makes sense that it will be my next project.

The unboxing:

The silicone work:


You can find it here with free shipping for $34.99 (!!! not kidding). The price, in my opinion, cannot be beat. heck out the other sizes. I really want to get the size just below this one to use as a zoa reef.

Still need to come up with a few more plans and then it'll all get started.
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