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Hey Sergio,

As per your PM ill post here. Well i guessi should put up some tank specs:
75 Gallon
ADA Aquasoil
4x54 Tek T5 on 9 hrs a day
EI dosing
2 2215 with 12mm/16 mm id/od

The reason i wanted to plumb it to the intake was i wanted to minimize back pressure from the water. I assumed the pump would not fail and let the reservoir of ferts empty out due to negative pressure. I want to setup the pumps so they plumb into my filters via a reducing tee, 1/8 x 1/2 x 1/2, but it seems they arent being sold. So i will custom make them it seems.

I would like to set up 3 peristaltic pumps: 1 for macro, 1 for micro and 1 for excel. I was going to get teh 3 RPM pump with 3 mm ID tubing. I will be dosing daily, so depending on the molarity of my solution i will adjust the timing accordingly. I want to dose very slowly over a longer period of time to make it more accurate. Not sure on the timers, i wanted to go with a digital one, but i have not researched that yet.
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