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Got a few new goodies in. You folks know how uptight I am when it comes to quality and should understand by now that I have unreasonably high expectations for equipment in this hobby. So keep that in mind when reading.

The first two things I'm going to share, prior to starting a new journal, are…

Nano Type-P LED fixture

This may be my most favorite nano LED for rimless tanks yet. Not remotely kidding. It's so bright I'd have to use CO2 on my 10" cube, as you'll see below.

The unboxing:

Up close:

It's really heavy duty. Absolutely nothing cheap about it. The anodized black aluminum heatsink is a really nice touch. Heatsinks seem to be an afterthought for most sub-$250/$300 fixtures these days.

Includes a handy on/off toggle:



Above my 10"/25cm cube:

Above an empty 20gal long:

Above my 5.5gal:

Basically, I am in love with this fixture. The price point initially turned me off but I've been through so many fixtures recently that it's a no brainer. Its clean lines and no fuss setup makes it ideal for high-clarity and other rimless planted tanks. It's more than strong enough to grow just about any plant you can keep.

There's a serious dearth of great LED fixtures for rimless tanks - at least as far as not obstructing the view of the aquascape and top of the tank go. I think AquaTop hit the nail on the head with this one.

Did I mention how excited and relieved I am to have finally found what I've been looking for for MONTHS?

Long story short: I will absolutely be buying another 25cm cube so I can go high-tech with it. That is, if I don't end up using it on the thing I'm about to mention below. Can't wait to share my long-term impressions.

You can find the fixture here with free shipping.

Perfect for a 12" cube and if you want to be really fancy with a 10" cube? Don't hesitate.

Euro Style 18" Bow-Front Rimless Tank

Holy wow, this tank. 18" of black silicone awesomeness.

I'm an ADA fanboy but I've loved these high-clarity cubes from AquaTop for a while, as you're already aware. While this fancy new tank isn't high-clarity glass, it's a bow-front and that's something I've never had. Only makes sense that it will be my next project.

The unboxing:

The silicone work:

The LED fixture from above is so bright that it's even perfect for this tank:

For now, I'm only going to tease the tank. Still need to create a journal to document it on its own and still have to come up with a few more plans.

I know I'm going to do some sort of a dry start, so it could be 4-6 weeks before it's flooded. I've got some great driftwood, leftover black lava rock and easily 100 pounds of other rock to pick through. Maybe going to do some sort of rock scape with a bunch of dwarf hair grass and some red stems.

You can find it here with free shipping for $34.99 (!!! not kidding). The price, in my opinion, cannot be beat. The tank is 18" x 10.75" x 10.75" and comes in at about 8.7 gallons. But check out the other sizes.

Just wanted to share this update with those looking for ADA alternatives. Because, well, I've found them. To say the least. I still feel like I hit the jackpot with the high-clarity tanks and I know I've hit it with this LED.

As soon as I calm down from excitement, I'll start up another journal for the planning stages of the new tank.
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