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My First Scape(!!!) Journal :)

I'm so excited!!! Me ---->

I just planted this ten gallon tank yesterday and added the rocks today. It's GORGEOUS if I do say so myself. *blush* Of course it's nowhere near the beauty of some of the tanks I've seen here, but I lubb it anyway. It's low tech ~ no CO2 or lights yet ~ just sitting in a sunny window. I couldn't wait for my lights to come in or my DIY CO2 to be built. Just HAD to plant something NOW! So I did.

I'm a total newbie to planted tanks. For a month now, I've been reading through the forum threads to learn all I could, rounding up plants via the SwapNShop forum and collecting other equipment where I can find it. Finally last Tuesday my Soilmaster came in. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed that stuff before putting it in the tank and it was STILL cloudy three days later. Hubby and I had gone "clamming" in one of our spring fed creeks and found a dozen or so freshwater clams, so he said, "Why don't you put some of those in there to clear that water up?" I have the clams in clay pots with sand so they're easily found, so put one in the tank. Cleared it up in a day!

Right now I have one male betta in there, but he'll be moving out soon. I have some red cherry shrimp coming in soon that I traded for in the SwapNShop. That red betta, Sarge, is rather agressive so I don't think he'd make a good tankmate for the shrimp. I have a really laid back betta that I might try in there. He doesn't bother ghost shrimp, so he may work well with them. If not, it'll be a shrimp only tank.

Man, I'm about to pop! And can't wait to get more plants to fill up the other four ten gallon tanks I have. This is SO MUCH FUN!!!

~ Linda ~

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