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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Since I'm thinking about adding shrimp to this vase, I'll want to properly "cycle" it and have some sort of filtration.

I've got a Hagen Elite Mini internal filter that would be perfect, I think. But I've only ever used them as tiny pumps/powerheads and never filtration. Anyone have thoughts on their use for filtration? (I also use them to supply water to HOB breeder boxes.)

Suppose I could always just use one of my old RedSea Nano filters. Would mean less equipment inside the vase.

Decisions, decisions.
If you're set on having filtration, there's certainly options out there, but I've found them to be unnecessary in these smaller planted vases with the minimal stock they have the room for. Nor do I bother doing a full cycle. A couple ghost shrimp, or a few snails, or a half dozen juvie cherries offer so little load that the bacteria that come in with the plants will carry the load--a quick squeeze of used filter media can help that along if you're particularly worried.
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