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Originally Posted by jpappy789 View Post
Well it might be a neat project to try then if you wouldn't mind. I'm a bit hesitant to do any wiring as I've literally never messed around with anything like this before.

Just want to make sure, does post #3 contain the up to date parts needs? I sort of read through the thread, but it's heavy text so I can't really tell what's been updated or not.
Post 3 will get you started, and you'll want to get an RTC shield as well. Get one based on the ds1307, and make sure it has headers attached already if you've never soldered before. Dahammer has a post somewhere in here with the parts needed to amplify the emitter if you want to, but it isn't necessary just to get it running. Feel free to link whatever you find here and one of us will let you know if it will work for you.

Don't be overwhelmed, it's really pretty simple to get going.

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