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Old Oceanic 72"x18"x24" 135gal that I got off eBay years ago as a reef tank someone had. It stayed in storage for a couple years while I didn't have a place for it. My dream was to have it built into the wall of my log home and what you see when you first walk in the house. It's now been in place for ~6 yrs. Started as ow have pressurized CO2 and dosing EI ferts.

HELP !!!
All was going great (growth-wise) now just 3 weeks ago green beard (aka fuzz) algae popped up and it laughs at every single attempt I've read for correcting the issue. H2O2 & Excel do not work for this stuff.

Tank still looks great from 8-10ft away. I've got a little girl on the way...due in Nov and will not have time to deal with it if I cannot get it balanced by then.

Pics show from April then in June. I need to get the better pics off my camera from July (prior to algae issue).

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