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I looked at the tank and I would recommend:
- Take out as much of the algae as you can.
- Check the water parameters. Check the Ammonia, Nitrates and Phosphate levels. Make sure Ammonia is 0.
- Reducing the C02. The drop checker indicates too much C02. This is assuming no CO2 bubbles are actually entering the drop checker which could lead to false readings. At your current tank size and plant mass your bps should be 1 per second.
- Adjust your fertilization and make sure your Nitrate levels are around 10-20 ppm and Phosphates at 1-2 ppm.
- Do you also have Bluegreen algae? If so then you need to add more circulation in the tank. You can add an airstone temporarily to get a better flow on areas where the blue green algea is growing. Try to remove as much as you can of this algae.
- I would purchase 1-2 otos, 1-2 young sae's (around 1 inch) and 2-4 amano shrimp. These can be a temporary algae team to help clean up the tank. Do not feed them too. Let them clean the tank. A Small bristlenose pleco can also help with the algae sticking on the glass but they don't like other fish hanging around too close to them and it might get too crowded. Remember that they are suppose to help clean the tank. You still need to fix your algae problem so and then you can remove or reduce the algae team later on.

Also what are you dosing? Are you dosing any micros?
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