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Smile 10 gallon, first real planted

It's been a week since I officially laid my eco complete and planted my 10 gallon. Its growth didn't really start because my BN cat was tearing up everything. Sadly I had to bring him to my LFS, where he will hopefully go into a nice big tank and find a mate.
So now I have a ten gallon low tech planted tank with anacharis, cabomba, java fern and a mystery fern that is probably java related.
For fish I have 5 serpae tetras (looking to increase to 7 once I feel ready to add) and one neon tetra who I rescued from my brothers tank. He thinks he is a serpae.
After one week, my anacharis has already started to grow new stems!
A question about lighting: I have two 15 watt bulbs. Does that mean I have 1.5 wpg, or 3 wpg?
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