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I'm sure ADG can and has custom tank builders. So tanks are a non issue.
Lighting a similar story. ADA aqua soil: well Up Aqua has a distributor in the USA, this looks nice and works very well, really good for shrimp folks also.
Glass ware, well, having broken enough stuff over the years, I've taken the Mame approach, modular parts: easy to clean and pull apart without breaking. Stainless steel can also be made to suit a variety of applications also.
Ferts? Well......
Scissors and other items?
Hardscape materials?

I think ADG will do just fine.

Without good aggressive marketing in the USA, ADA will go the way of Dupla if they are not careful. I'm one of the few people in this long enough to know that whole story. There are a few still around, but they tend to be pretty quiet these days.

Hopefully AJ will continue.

Sayurasem, you are correct.

Tom Barr
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