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I rather have a knockoff tank with darn good silicone seams than have a premium priced name brand one with shoddy seams. Just saying. ADA's quality level is dropping and their price is increasing. More and more folks are coming out about receiving ADA tanks with lackluster silicone work. Doesn't make much sense to me. ADA may still have this reputation as being the cream of the crop, but when the craftsmanship gets shabby and you outsource your quality (Chinese made tanks vs Japanese or German made tanks) your precious title starts taking hits to it.

Back on topic, though. We have no clue if this is even going to be a "knockoff" of ADA. Perhaps it's just ADG's take on the world of nature aquariums. Some things (like aqua soil) don't have a ton of room for improvement, though. Just gonna have to wait and see.
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